Single early tulips

Single early tulips

Flowering period: early

Average plant height: 20-30 cm

Spacing between bulbs: 5-10 cm

Type of bulb: bulb

Landscape uses: beds, borders, rock gardens and for forcing

Single early tulips have sturdy flowers with a very distinct shape. They are constructed of six petals that are usually pointed at the tip. These tulips are very suited to flower containers, beds and borders. Quite a few cultivars (marked here with an asterisk) are just perfect for forcing into flower indoors.

Most significant cultivars:
'Apricot Beauty'*: salmon pink
'Brilliant Star'*: scarlet
'Charles'*: blood-red
'Christmas Dream'*: fuschia-red
'Christmas Marvel'*: deep pink
'Couleur Cardinal': violet-red
'Flair'*: red and yellow
'Joffre'*: deep yellow
'Merry Christmas'*: carmine red, white base
'Mickey Mouse': blood-red
'Prinses Irene': orange and red
'Ruby Red': scarlet
'Striped Bellona': yellow and orange
'Yokohama': lemon-yellow (one of the most exquisite yellow varieties)

*Cultivars recommended for forcing

As is the case with most other tulip classes, these are also offered as mixed colors.