Trumpet narcissi (daffodils)

Trumpet narcissi

Popular name: Trumpet daffodil


Flower colour: yellow, white and bicoloured

Flowering period: March-May

Average plant height: 35-50 cm

Spacing between bulbs: 5-7.5 cm

Type of bulb: bulb

These narcissi have only one large flower to a stem. The trumpet is just as long or longer than the length of the perianth segments. This group includes yellow, white and bicoloured varieties.

Most significant cultivars:
'Arctic gold' *: yellow
'Ballade'*: golden-yellow
'Brighton'* : golden-yellow with lemon-yellow trumpet
'Dutch Master'*: golden-yellow
'Exception'*: yellow
'Foresight'*: white with bright yellow trumpet
'Goblet'*: creamy-white with yellow trumpet
'Golden Harvest'*: gold-yellow
'Gold Medal'*: gold-yellow
'Las Vegas'*: white and yellow
'Little Gem': yellow
'Magnet'*: white with yellow trumpet
'Mount Hood'*: ivory-white
'Princewinner'*: yellow
'Royal Gold'*: yellow
'Spellbinder'*: canary yellow with pale yellow trumpet
'Standard Value'*: yellow
'Unsurpassable'*: canary yellow with gold-yellow trumpet

* Cultivars recommended for forcing