Small cupped narcissi

Small cupped narcissi

Popular name: Small-cupped daffodil


Flower colour: white-yellow and bicoloured

Flowering period: March-May

Average plant height: 25-50 cm

Spacing between bulbs: 5-7.5 cm

Type of bulb: bulb

These narcissi also have only one flower to a stem. The cup or corona is small: not more than one-third the length of the perianth segments.

In flower size, the narcissi in this group are just as large as the ones in the two previous groups but their smaller cup sizes make them appear smaller. This group includes many bicoloured cultivars.

Most significant cultivars:
'Aflame': white with orange and yellow cup
'Amor': white-yellow with orange
'Barrett Browning'*: white with bright orange cup
'Birma': clear yellow with orange cup
'Edna Earl': white and orange-red

*Cultivars recommended for forcing