Double narcissi

Double narcissi

Popular name: Double daffodil


Flower colour: yellow, white, red

Flowering period: April-May

Average plant height: 30-40 cm

Spacing between bulbs: 5-7.5 cm

Type of bulb: bulb

Since periods with a lot of wind or wet weather can cause their flower stems to break, plant these narcissi in sheltered locations.

Double narcissi usually have one flower to a stem, but occasionally may have more. Cultivars with one flower to a stem are the same size as the flowers in the previous groups. Their double cups have a somewhat crumpled effect.

Most significant cultivars:
'Abba'*: white-yellow
'Acropolis': white and red
'Bridal Crown'*: white-yellow
'Cheerfulness'*: white-yellow
'Dick Wilden'*: golden-yellow perianth and cup
'Double Fashion'*: yellow and red
'Golden Ducat'*: golden-yellow perianth and cup
'Ice King': white with white and yellow
'Irene Copeland': white-yellow
'Manly'*: yellow-orange
'Pencrebar': yellow-yellow
'Rip van Winkle': yellow-yellow
'Tahiti'*: gold-yellow with a gold-yellow and vermilion cup
'Texas'*: lemon-yellow with a yellow and orange cup
'Von Sion'*: lemon-yellow cup and perianth
'White Lion': ivory-white with ivory and pale yellow cup
'Yellow Cheerfulness'*: yellow-yellow

*Cultivars with smaller flowers and stems (25-30 cm.), and more flowers on one stem.