Narcis Cyclamineus

Narcis Cyclamineus

Flower colour: yellow

Flowering period: March-April (and into May)

Average plant height: 25-30 cm

Spacing between bulbs: 5 cm

Type of bulb: bulb

Narcissi in this group also have flowers angling downwards and perianth petals that are swept-back. The wild species, only 10 cm. tall, is rarely cultivated. Cultivars in this group have been developed as a result of crossing and selection. To one degree or another, they all possess the previously described characteristics.

Most significant cultivars:
'February Gold': golden yellow
'Jack Snipe': ivory-white, yellow trumpet
'Jenny': white on white
'Jetfire': yellow with red cup
'Jumblie'*: golden yellow
'Little Witch': yellow on yellow
'Peeping Tom': lemon-yellow
'Quince': yellow on yellow
'Tête à Tête'*: lemon-yellow

*Multiflowered types