Flower bulb organisations


The flower bulb growers in the Netherlands are members of the KAVB (Royal Dutch Bulb Growers’ Association) that promotes the interests of this group of fellow growers. The wholesale companies in the flower bulb sector are represented by Anthos (The Royal Dutch Wholesalers Association for Flowerbulbs and Nurserystock).


Besides promoting the interests of its members in the Netherlands, this organisation is also active in other countries by working to remove barriers to trade that could hinder the sale of products or by developing markets in collaboration with the IBC (International Flower Bulb Centre) and import organisations. The KAVB and Anthos are represented in the Dutch Commodity Board for Horticultural Products (PT), a regulatory organisation in which employers and employees of production and trade operations are represented.

Included in the PT are the flower bulb sector, nursery, florist, horticulturist, and fruit and vegetable growing sectors. Based on the authority it has been awarded, the PT can institute byelaws in many areas. Based on this, professionals in all the sectors are obliged to contribute to a mutual fund by means of a professional levy to be used for collective activities to benefit the sectors. The flower bulb sector uses these funds to finance its research, quality control and promotion while the budget is also used to pay for many other projects to serve the interests of the various sectors. Within the flower bulb sector alone, the growers and traders contribute about 22 million euro to this mutual fund. Decisions about how it is to be used are made jointly by the Anthos and the KAVB together with the PT. The Anthos and the KAVB also participate in the administrations of the foundations (the IBC or International Flower Bulb Centre, and the BKD or Flower Bulb Inspection Service) that are financed by the mutual fund.