Tulip Picture Book


Since the third edition was published in 2007, the number of tulip cultivars included in this fourth edition has increased by twenty percent due to new introductions. The botanical varieties pictured here are being produced on at least a half hectare of land in the Netherlands; for all other cultivars, this is at least one hectare.

750 cultivars
The book contains an introduction written in fourteen languages (English, German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Russian, Polish, Italian, Finnish, Chinese and Japanese) and describes 750 cultivars. A close-up of the flower is provided for each cultivar. Because the forcing of bulbs as pot plants has increased so rapidly, separate sections are devoted to botanical varieties and cultivars used for pot plant production.

Cultivar information
Each photo is accompanied by information about the variety’s suitability for forcing, garden use or use as a pot plant, as well as information useful for forcing operations such as height, cold period and earliest housing date. This information comes from the findings of research studies and data provided by commercial forcing operations.

Here you can see the Tulip Picture Book