Upon receipt


Flower bulbs supplied for use in gardens and parks are ready to plant as soon as they arrive. If not planted immediately, they will have to be placed in a space that is cool, dry, dark and properly ventilated for temporary storage. The best temperature for this storage is between 17 and 20°C. (= 62 -68°F) Inside the storage area, open the crates and do not place them directly next to one another. If storage will last a number of weeks, it would be advisable to use a fan for air circulation.

It is important to know about more specific instructions regarding storage methods and temperatures that apply to individual products if the bulbs will have to be stored for a longer period.

- The temperatures given apply to the storage period until planting, which will be no later than mid-December (before frost in any case).

- “Dry and well ventilated” refers to a ventilated room and packaging.

- Flower bulbs that have to be protected from drying out are usually packaged with a packaging filler to prevent this from occurring.

- Pay close attention to protecting the bulbs from aphids.

- “RH” indicates the relative humidity