Site conditions


Every plant or flower bulb has its own preferences when it comes to habitat. For flower bulbs, the conditions that follow flowering and continue on into the summer are just as important as the conditions during the flowering period itself. This is because the plant is generating new bulbs beneath the ground immediately after the flowering period. It is thus essential that flower bulbs be allowed to retain their foliage and that this foliage will receive enough sunlight during the period following flowering in order to produce the energy needed for the development of the new bulbs below the soil surface. This is why it is important never to plant flower bulbs beneath evergreen trees and shrubs or beneath deciduous trees that leaf out early in the spring. Locations with sun and partial shade are fine for most flower bulbs; a limited number of them will even thrive in a location with shade all year round.

During the summer, many flower bulbs will prefer being left undisturbed. Nestled among the roots of perennial plants, they are preparing for a new season. But being in cold wet soil during the summer, which can happen when surrounding annual plants are irrigated, will not promote a profusion of flowering next season!