Using flower bulbs in exchangeable containers is a simple solution and - when bulbs in pots are used – it provides instant results. Choose kinds that bloom during certain periods: snowdrops and crocuses in January and February, Scilla and Chionodoxa in March, and daffodils and tulips in April. Combining these pre-forced bulbs with spring-flowering plants such as pansies, Bellis and wallflowers guarantees weeks of colour.

Plant the potted bulbs in the middle of the exchangeable containers and insert the accompanying plants firmly next to the edges of the container. When the bulb flowers fade, these bulbs can be carefully removed and replaced by a new set with a colour and look that corresponds nicely with the plants at the edge of the container that have now grown larger and thicker. It is also sometimes possible to repeat this exchange trick again before the spring-flowering bulb season comes to an end and the summer-flowering bulbs become available.