Flowerbeds filled with seasonal plantings are intended to create a mass of colour. Since the result should be bright and festive, a planting of spring-flowering bulbs made in two layers, each of which is a mix of two kinds, provides the perfect answer. The deeper of the two layers will bloom later. This layer consists of two tulip cultivars of about the same height, 'Couleur Cardinal' (deep red) and 'Garden Party' (pinkish white with a darker pink on the edges of the petals). For each square metre, 15 bulbs (18 bulbs/square yard) of Tulipa 'Garden Party' are distributed evenly over this surface and the remaining space is filled in with 35 bulbs of Tulipa 'Couleur Cardinal', again distributed evenly over the same surface. On top of this comes a layer of soil in which the earlier-flowering bulbs are planted: a mix of Crocus 'Pickwick' (white with purple stripes) and Tulipa kaufmanniana 'Showwinner' (bright red). For each square metre, 30 bulbs (36 bulbs/square yard) of T. kaufmanniana 'Showwinner' and 100 Crocus 'Pickwick' are evenly distributed over the entire surface.