Small but beautiful


A combination of two extremes: one of the best-known bulbous plants – the Snowdrop – as a partner for a practically unknown bulb that used to be commonly found growing in the wild in large parts of Europe and North America but has now almost disappeared - Anemone ranunculoides (Yellow Wood Anemone). Two difficult characters when it comes to planting them: snowdrops need to be planted early (starting in late September) and the rhizomes of the Yellow Wood Anemone also need to be planted immediately upon receipt. Yet when both have taken hold and start to thrive, they make fantastic bulbs for naturalising. They prefer a slightly shaded location where the snowdrops will flower first in January. As soon as their flowers fade but while their narrow grey-green leaves are still attractive, the Yellow Wood Anemone starts blooming in March: a subtle yet delightful interaction between the two different plants’ flowers and foliage. Start with 50 bulbs of each variety for every square metre (60 bulbs per square yard) and mix them before planting.