Feel the art....


Thousands of photos were made of the letters spelling out the theme for the world exhibition Floriade: “Feel the Art of Nature”. Each of these letters formed their own colour scheme composed of three tulip cultivars that flowered in succession. Here is a list of the ten prettiest cultivars, ranging from early to late flowering, that could be used in a similar project sometime:

White tulips: 'Purissima', 'Mount Tacoma', 'Maureen'
Cream-coloured tulips: 'Verona', 'Silver Dollar', ‘Maja’
Yellow tulips: 'Yellow Purissima' , 'Monte Carlo', 'West Point'
Yellow with red tulips: 'Queen Ingrid', 'Synaeda King', 'Flaming Parrot'
Red tulips: 'Red Impression', 'Pieter de Leur', 'Burgundy Lace'
Red with yellow tulips: 'Banja Luka', 'Grand Perfection', 'Kees Nelis'
Red with white tulips: 'Pinocchio', 'Leo Visser', 'Starfighter'
Pink tulips: 'Early Glory', 'Gabriëlla', 'Menton'
Lilac-coloured tulips: 'Negrita', 'Attila', 'Kaiserin Maria Theresia'
Deep purple tulips: 'Jan Reus', 'Recreado', 'Queen of Night'