The revenge on Narcissus


The universally known narcissus also has a name that dates from Greek antiquity. And a haze of mythological stories hovers around this pretty flower, too. The story goes that Narcissus was a handsome young man who would stay youthful and attractive forever, at least, only if he could not see his own face. If he looked at himself, he would die.

Narcissus was insensible to the love of a woman. Even the infatuated nymph Echo, did not succeed in getting him to fall in love with her. And there were more girls whom Narcissus spurned.

One day, the rejected girls decided no longer accept this. They asked the goddess Nemesis to take revenge. Nemesis is willing to cooperate in the revenge. She gets Narcissus to come to a spring in search of refreshment after a hunting party. Tired from his travels, Narcissus wants to refresh himself in the clear, unruffled water. But in the water he sees his own face reflected. For the first time in his life he falls in love - with himself. Slowly but surely he pines away.

When people look for his body after a while, it seems to have disappeared. But right on the spot where his body lay, a beautiful, delightfully scented flower has appeared - the narcissus.