Sustainability in the bulb sector


Since the 1980s, the flower bulb sector has been devoting substantial attention to making the production and processing of flower bulbs and bulb flowers more sustainable. These activities are being coordinated at sector level by the Milieuplatform Bloembollensector (environmental platform for the flower bulb sector).


The activities of this platform relate to such policy areas as crop protection, minerals, energy and residues.

As a participant in the Landelijk Milieuoverleg Bloembollen (LMB, the national environmental consultative body for flower bulbs), the flower bulb sector discusses future environmental policy with the responsible government authorities and other parties. The results of the policy implemented are recorded annually in a Milieuvoortgangsrapportage (environmental progress report). Environmental regulations are stipulated in many pieces of legislation, regulations, permits and other rules.

‘General Regulations’ include references to the most important legislation and regulations.

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