Flower bulbs in the garden


Flower bulbs can be planted in many places in the garden: in the grass, beneath and between shrubs, and among other smaller plants. In order to be able to plant the bulbs, the soil has to be loosened slightly first.


The next step is to dig a planting bed. The resulting hole must be of equal depth throughout and have a flat bottom. All the bulbs of the same variety are placed in the planting bed. They should not be arranged in straight rows, rather in clusters to provide a more natural look. The planting depth and distance between the bulbs is shown in the following list:

Kind of bulb

Planting depth

Distance between the bulbs


15-20 cm

15 cm


10-15 cm

10 cm


10 cm

8 cm


20 cm

15 cm


5-10 cm

5-8 cm

Once the bulbs are planted, cover them with the excavated soil. Write the name of the bulbs on a plant marker and insert this into the ground at the planting location. Now you won’t forget where you have planted these bulbs. If temperatures are going to drop to far below freezing, cover the planting beds with a layer of dry leaves.

It might also be a nice idea to have your class plant bulbs around your school, in a school garden or in containers next to the school. Just imagine how colourful your school will look in the spring! Bulbs can be bought in garden centres, supermarkets and even in department stores from September.