Producing flower bulbs


When the bulb fields are in flower, lots of people go to see them. For the growers, the flowers are unimportant. What they want is to produce nice big flower bulbs. That’s what it’s all about. The bigger the flower bulb, the more money it will bring in. It’s no wonder that growers goes to such lengths to give their flower bulbs what they want. This starts by getting the soil ready. The groundwater under the sandy soil between the dunes and the polders is far beneath the surface. This allows for deep ploughing so that the flower bulbs are supplied with fresh soil every time.


But bulbs need more than this. Fertiliser, for instance, because this particular soil contains few nutrients. So fertiliser or compost is added. This is what the bulbs need to become extra large and full. Ploughing and fertilising are thus essential. The bulbs are not planted until that gets done. That happens in October. The growers use machines for this. Afterward, the fields are covered with straw or reeds to protect the bulbs from the worst of the winter cold. This mulch also keeps the sand from blowing away.