Flower bulbs: a famous product


What do you think someone from another country would say when asked what he knows about our country, the Netherlands? Not a lot, yet three things are guaranteed to be mentioned: windmills, clogs and flower bulbs! Strangely enough, two out of three aren’t really that common here anymore. Many windmills have disappeared over the years, so there aren’t many left. And who walks around in clogs these days? Almost nobody, right?


So it’s only the flower bulbs that really represent our country – and have done for many years. You see them everywhere, all year round. In the winter, they’re inside on the window sill and for the rest of the year, they’re outside in gardens and parks, simply planted in the ground or in large flower containers.

But we mustn’t forget the bulb fields, where you can see thousands and thousands of bulbs in bloom. Many people earn their living from flower bulbs, which are sold all over the world. So it’s no exaggeration to say that Dutch flower bulbs are a famous product!