Growing flowers: floriculture


Many flower bulbs are sold to flower growers. These are people who buy the bulbs in order to force them into flower. Their business is not about producing bulbs but about producing flowers.


Most flower bulbs produce flowers in the spring. But what about the tulips you see in shops as early as Christmas? They are the work of the flower growers.

The flower growers keep the bulbs at just the right temperature and just moist enough. This way, the bulbs flower earlier than in the garden. Some of the bulbs are planted in the greenhouse straightaway. And some are planted in boxes and put into a refrigerated room. These bulbs need to sit in the cold for a while, just like the hyacinths you read about before. Once they have spent long enough in the cold, they are taken into a warm greenhouse where they quickly produce flowers. But what happens to these bulbs once their flowers are cut off? These bulbs cannot be used again. Their rapid growth has weakened them too much, so they are thrown away.