Flower bulbs ‘on the road’


A grower can’t grow every kind of flower bulb in his fields. This is why bulb trading companies buy their bulbs from various growers. They can then provide their customers with many different kinds of bulbs. Many bulbs are usually packed in large boxes or crates. In the shop, you often see them it net bags or small boxes depicting attractive images. That way, customers have an idea of what to expect.


You have to treat flower bulbs with care. People who grow and sell flower bulbs say, ‘Handle your bulbs like eggs.’ This is because a flower bulb can become damaged. There shouldn’t be any diseased bulbs among them either, of course. Bulbs are checked very carefully for diseases, especially when they are being sent to other countries. If they pass the test, they are given a plant passport. Without this they may not cross the border into another country.

The bulbs also have to remain undamaged and healthy during their journey. Lorries, aeroplanes and ships are equipped so that the bulbs are still healthy when they reach their customers – customers that could be anywhere in the world.